This is Black 2.0

Interactive Experience

This Is Black 2.0 was a digital exhibition created in response to the injustices faced by Black people around the world, during a global pandemic.

The exhibition was created to put Black voices and creatives at the heart of the conversations of 2020. Creatives were encouraged to bring their rage, their joy and their hope to this series of commissions and curations.


“This was a love letter, a call to action and therapy all wrapped up in a beautiful tapestry weaved by Black British talent.” @Ramatoulie

“Such an amazing digital experience!! Powerful, moving, innovative and beautiful. Really, really brilliant study.” @Kaya

“If #ThisIsBlack is only an introduction, then the future is bright and The Future is Black” @Amina

Credits: Justina Kehinde & Munotida Chinyanga

Audiences explored:

Photography by HYPEMARI

Poetry by Rakaya Fetuga & Thara Popoola

Journalism by Chanté Joseph

Films by Otis Dominique, Justina Kehinde & Munotida Chinyanga.

The digital experience, directed by Abigail Sol, was woven together by experimental web design by Koysor Abdul and underscored with sound design by Xana.

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