Short Film

A narrative short film, exploring Black women's friendships and the burden of representation.

An Uproot and Phases Collective production, Crown featured in the London Short Film Festival in 2021, before being acquired by the BBC, airing on BBC2 and the iPlayer.


A Friday night in, spent braiding hair and discussing dates leaves Fola, Tash & Sandra debating the origins of ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’, as they discover that this verse is very present in one of their lives.

Starring Chioma Ezeh, Ronke Onipede and Sharai-Raven Mae.

Directed by Abigail Sol

Written by Thara Popoola

Produced by Earleatha Oppon

Exec Produced by Abigail Sol and Chioma Ezeh

Supported by Intermission.

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