The Knot

Creative Workshops

In 2022 Uproot partnered with New Diorama Theatre on The Knot, a 10-day experiential festival of fearless conversations and spaces designed to nurture and empower. There were 1,072 attendees in total across the programme.

Workshops and panels delivered by Uproot include:

Securing the Bag: Making the money work for you, and for others

This frank and fearless workshop was about individual freelancer finance, knowing what you're worth and how to get it.

Presented by certified Money Coach Natalie Scott.

Black Art, White Gaze: Why is my truth considered a ‘trauma story’?

An honest conversation around the reality of making theatre as a Black artist today. How does the prevalence of white critics and programmers impact the stories we are telling? Are we telling the stories we want to tell, or the stories that others want to hear? Can we have agency whilst creating commercial work?Black theatre makers gathered for this overdue discussion, curated by Uproot.

Host: Tobi Kyeremateng (ÓWÀMBÉ)

Panel: Ryan Calais Cameron (For black boys)

babirye bukilwa (cake...)

Heather Agyepong (The Body Remembers)

Daniel Bailey (Red pitch)

Uproot, Recharge: A curated healing space for Black artists

This session was created with the well-being of Black creatives in mind. 
We were enriched with dramatherapy from Patricia Ojehonmon and a sound bath from The Breath Room, during this in-person event, exclusively for Black creatives.

Creative Sprint: Rapid idea generation to unlock your imagination

This crazy 8s-style session was designed for those who are feeling uninspired. We created an environment where creatives can ideate and let their imagination flow.

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