Casting Call for Black Voices in Myth Project

Photo of the write - Kaleya Baxe

We’re developing a brand new play that explores Black voices in Myth, written by Kaleya Baxe and directed by Jessica Kaliisa. And we’re looking for actors to join us in the next phase of research and development, which will take place in North London.

We’re casting 5 Black actors who can multi-role, of any playing age, with strong movement and singing skills. Devising experience and the ability to play an instrument is a bonus!

Auditions: Feb 6th and 9th (TBC)

Rehearsals: March 7th - 25th

Interested? To put yourself forward, please share your CV, showreel and/or Spotlight link with our co-producers, Actors of Dionysus -

Here’s a bit more about the story:

Tree loves learning. She's especially excited for her newest topic: Ancient Civilisations. But she soon finds the lesson brings more questions than answers: Why do we only learn about the Greeks and Romans? Did no one else do anything worth learning about? And specifically, no one that looks like me?'

Join Tree as fate presents its own adventure - no, quest - for a search of history's most well-hidden secrets.

A new and playful remix of some of the world's most ancient myths, this play shatters the lies of Western superiority throughout history and begins a powerful process of reclamation for the erased, appropriated and forgotten.

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